A-Rod being A-Rod

Despite having so many different advisors it’s difficult to keep track, A-Rod always ends up making curious decisions.  Buster Olney chalks it up to “A-Rod being A-Rod”:

The Red Sox lived for a long time with Manny Being Manny because he had an eight-year contract, he’s a great hitter, and he helped them win two World Series. And similarly, the Yankees will live with A-Rod Being A-Rod, and they will go about their business around him and ignore all the unusual decisions that he makes. They will hope none of that prevents him from being as great of a player as he has been in the first 14 years of his career.

The Yankees’ spring training is actually going pretty well. Jorge Posada, coming back from shoulder surgery, is throwing to bases now, and appears to be on the right track. Mariano Rivera made his first exhibition appearance Tuesday. Sabathia looked great. The young pitchers who struggled last year are doing well.

Strange A-Rod pictures? A-Rod being A-Rod? They have stopped worrying about all that.

Good to hear other Yankees have the same attitude I do towards all this – who cares? There is a lot of be optimistic about for the Yanks this year. At some point, A-Rod will be back, he’ll hit baseballs a long ways because that’s what he’s always done.

Of course you’ll always have people who are outraged at the things he does and want to rip him. His most recent “blunder” involves some “interesting” pictures in a photo shoot for Details magazine (found here). Just look at the outrage in the comments on that page. You’d think the photoshoot involved A-Rod disemboweling kittens. Alright, yeah he looks like he’s kissing himself. That’s just kind of funny at this point, right?

Turns out he did the photoshoot the day he found out about the Selena Roberts story (background info found here). He agreed to do the photoshoot in December to raise his “fashionable profile.” A different athlete does this shoot and no one probably notices but at this point you’d think A-Rod would know better (or ONE of his advisors would). Or maybe he just doesn’t care.

Bottom line is A-Rod does not see things the way the average baseball fan sees things, and the product he thinks he produces is rarely ever the product that gets consumed. Does that make him a bad guy? No, not really. And obviously it’s easy to blame his advisors, but shouldn’t he just give up on the “image rehabilitation” BS at this point? The media will put a negative spin on pretty much everything he does, so whatever. Do what you want A-Rod. Just be sure to come back and hit some home runs.


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