Pitt gets more than they bargained for while ‘Cuse cruises

Pitt just came awfully close to becoming the first 1 seed to ever lose in the NCAA tournament and wrecking my bracket in the process.  This performance is a little worrisome for them going forward, however I have to say that was the most talented 16 seed I think I’ve ever seen.  Usually when a really high seed makes an upset bid, it’s because they shoot really well.  After all, anyone can get hot. 

However, ETSU shot poorly overall and horrendously from the foul line (11-22).  Yet they still hung around until the final minute.  If they had shot well, there is a pretty good chance they pull off the upset.

ETSU stands in strong contrast to the team Syracuse played today, Stephen F Austin.  They were, in a word, awful.  Their shooting guard was shorter than me.  Now, I heard going in that they had a really short guy, and the shooting guard grabbed it and I said to myself “wow, he is short.”  Then he passed it to the point guard, who was more than a half a foot shorter!  They list him at 5′ 3″ but announcers informed us he’s closer to 5′ 1″.  Impressive.

Their uniforms looked like something an underfunded public high school would be wearing.  They had a 27 year old senior.  They were described as a “poor shooting team” (and lived up to that reputation).  How is a team that starts 2 guys under 5 foot 10 a bad shooting team (well, and end up in the NCCA tourney)?

Maybe Syracuse is just that good, but after watching the higher seeds, especially Pitt, have much tougher games, I think SU probably played one of the 2 or 3 worst teams in the tournament.


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