How much is Strasburg worth?

Rumors are that Scott Boras will demand a contract worth 6 years and $50 million for uber-prospect Stephen Strasburg.  Strasburg has been posting crazy, video game stats, striking out more than 2 batters an inning for San Diego St. 

So will the Washington Nationals be willing to pay Boras’ ransom?  Will they draft Strasburg even if they have no intention of paying him that kind of money?  Would Boras really have Strasburg spend a year in Japan? 

That’s the problem prospects have in general: they don’t really have that much leverage.

But when it comes to the Nats, they are a team that desperately needs something to show their fans they have hope.  If they let Strasburg go over financial concerns, it would be a huge hit to their fan base, especially coming off a winter where they were desperate to find anyone to take their money.  Adam Dunn settled to play in DC because he lost out on the game of musical chairs; all evidence points to him rather being elsewhere. 

Boras obviously knows all this so he’ll ask for the most money ever for a player being hyped as the best prospect ever.  If the Nats choose not to draft Strasburg, the Mariners would probably be willing to open up the purse strings and you know if he falls to the likes of the Tigers, Red Sox, and Yankees, they will be more than happy to.

I think when all is said and done, he’ll be a National simply because the Nats can’t afford not to make this happen.  But it should be an interesting situation.


One response to “How much is Strasburg worth?

  1. The Nationals were willing to spend $160+ million on Teixeira. I hope they can find $50 million to pay this guy if that’s what it takes. It’s a much smarter way for them to spend their money. He’s much younger and good pitching is harder to get than good hitting.

    Plus if he’s that good he’d be a great marketing tool.

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