Matthews’ contract amongst the worst

From Peter Gammons:

Angels manager Mike Scioscia says Matthews “isn’t comfortable” with his role as a fourth outfielder, but despite rumors that the Angels may try to work something out with the Yankees, the contract will be difficult to move.

Gary Matthews is still owed $10 million this year, $11 million next year, and $12 million in 2011.  That’s not quite Barry Zito bad, but pretty terrible for a 4th outfielder.  Matthews’ numbers have, as expected, decreased steadily since his breakout year in 2006, which pretty much had fluke written all over it. 

Obviously the Yankees could use some insurance in CF, and while it wouldn’t be improbable for Matthews to bounce back to being at least a league average player, his contract is immovable.  The Angels would literally have to eat all of it except maybe a couple million to make it worth the Yankees’ (or anyone else’s) time.  And would the Angels really be that desperate to save a couple million?

Maybe if both Gardner and Melky tank this year and the Yanks get desperate they’ll revisit this as well as talking to the Brewers about Mike Cameron.  But as of now, it’s best to see what the young guys can do.  


One response to “Matthews’ contract amongst the worst

  1. I wonder if taking all those roids was worth it. Maybe he would have gotten less, but maybe he’d be playing somewhere.

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