Cashman made right call with Sheffield

Anyone who has read my blog at any length, knows I’m a Brian Cashman fan. The guy gets criticized for every bad move, even some he didn’t make.

Well, the Tigers released Gary Sheffield today, and people should really give Cash praise for not only stealing Bobby Abreu from the Phillies during the ’06 season (and Cory Lidle for literally nothing! Seriously, look back at that trade), but deciding to go with Abreu over Sheffield and netting a few prospects. Those prospects haven’t necessarily panned out yet, but considering the money Sheffield has made for such a small amount of production, clearly it was a good trade for the Yankees.

So what does this mean for Sheffield? If he’s willing to take the league minimum, he should catch on somewhere. If the Rays hadn’t signed Burrell, I’d think they’d be a likely landing spot. You have to think that an AL contender would be the best bet. Too bad the Angels already have a ton of overpaid outfielders; could be fun to see Vlad (who was passed over by the Yanks for Sheff), Abreu, and Sheff all on the same squad.


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