Joke of the Day: Angels want something in return for Matthews

Just read this article from Ken Rosenthal this morning, and I have to admit, it made me laugh:

The Angels recently tried to sell the Reds on outfielder Gary Matthews Jr., but the talks failed to progress, according to major-league sources.

The Reds need a right-handed bat, and Matthews is a switch-hitter. But the Reds, one source said, wanted a starting pitcher back if they were going to include a veteran starter such as right-hander Aaron Harang or Bronson Arroyo in the deal.

Um, of course the Reds would want another player if they were to trade Arroyo or Harang for Matthews. You see, Arroyo and Harang have a little thing called value. I realize that Arroyo, in this economy, is overpaid, but come on. The Angels think they can approach a team about Matthews and actually ask for something in return?

What scenario would have to happen for you to be happy about your team trading for Matthews? Well, let me describe it as a Yankee fan:

If Gardner and Melky both completely flame out and the Yankees traded for Matthews with the Angels taking on over 60% of his contract and including at least one useful part, be it a prospect or otherwise. I could get behind that move.

Of course, all this aside, this was probably a worthwhile conversation for the Angels to have considering this is the Reds we’re talking about and they have committed to starting Willy Taveras for the next two seasons. So obviously, they have an affinity for acquiring bad players.

One response to “Joke of the Day: Angels want something in return for Matthews

  1. Well, if they trade him they won’t need any more needles. So trading him for extra syringes doesn’t sound like a good idea.

    Maybe they can trade him for some negative test results.

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