George King’s passion

George King won’t quit. He has one burning desire in life, the one thing that keeps him awake at night and motivates him to continue his charitable work educating others through his articles in the NYPost. What is that thing you ask?

Getting Joba Chamberlain back to the bullpen.

You know that Joba you remember, blowing people away with his 96 mph fastball and crazy array of offspeed pitches? Okay, well first forget the fact that he did that as both a starter and a reliever last season. Now, prepare for bad news:

The Yankees right-hander blew away the best hitters in the majors, and made them look ill against a slider with fangs.

Remember that heat? Good. Because memories are all you have, since Chamberlain isn’t going to be able to consistently fire 96- to 98-mph aspirins as a starter.

Oh no! What happened? Is he hurt?

“I think as we get into the summer, we might see some of that,” manager Joe Girardi said yesterday of Chamberlain reaching 98 mph with the fastball.

“But you are not going to see it [consistently], because he has to throw his fastball more than 12 times an inning or 10 times or eight times. That’s pretty much true for all relievers. Starters who go to relievers jump a few miles an hour.”

Wait, wait, wait… so what exactly are you suggesting here George?

So if Chamberlain, who entered professional baseball as a starter, can dominate hitters with high-octane heat in the eighth inning and won’t be able to sustain that through six or seven frames, why is he the fifth starter instead of setting up Mariano Rivera?

Oh, right – the bullpen thing. Let’s quickly discuss why you’re wrong: Joba threw 96 as a starter last year, and from what I remember that was plenty of “octane” to dominate. Especially since as a starter, Joba had all 4 of his pitches at his disposal. And if Joba is effective as a starter he should be one, right George?

(Random aside – That reminds me of a recent conversation I had. Let me paraphrase:

Them: “I really think Joba should be in the bullpen to set up Rivera.”

Me: “Yeah that is such an important role. I don’t think they should trust it to Joba though; I think they should use CC Sabathia there.”

Them: “Really? Doesn’t that seem like a waste?”

Me:  <Sigh>)

Oh, one other point George: It’s SPRING TRAINING! Yes, Joba has been clocked around 90 early in the spring. He’s building arm strength. We know from last season he can pitch late into a game and continue throwing 96. And that’s plenty. So maybe you should just calm down, champ.

I can’t wait for that A-Rod guy to get back so you guys will have something else to write about.


3 responses to “George King’s passion

  1. This argument is just getting silly. I think we should stop justifying it by responding. Starting…now.

  2. Yeah I know, I had been ignoring pretty much anything Joba-bullpen related. But the logic behind this one was simply too much for me to pass up.

  3. Arod would be a great PH, using that logic…in non-pressure situations, naturally

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