An opening day to forget

Opening day is certainly exciting, but history shows it doesn’t mean much.  The Yanks looked pretty poor out of the gate in 1998.  They won on opening day last year.  So the undefeated season is history, but there is a lot of baseball left to be played.

–  It’s actually amazing, considering how poorly Sabathia was pitching (he couldn’t throw a fastball for a strike) that the Yankees almost came back.

–  Baltimore fans really hate Tex that much because he grew up in the area?  I know it’s really a jealously thing (not unlike Boston fans booing A-Rod) but c’mon. 

–  You’ve gotta love Nick Swisher’s energy.  I thought for sure that double was going to be enough.

–  Why does Girardi insist on bunting?  It doesn’t work.  You waste your first out, then Jeter is put in a pressure situation because if he doesn’t get that guy in, then the strategy didn’t work.  You kill momentum.  Plus, yesterday on the road the Yankees needed more than 1 run.  Bunting makes absolutely no sense.

–  Nice seeing the injured duo of Posada and Matsui go deep. 

–  This is one I can’t stress enough.  If we’re going to have another season where the entire Yankee team inexplicably cannot hit with runners in scoring position, I may have to stop watching.  I seriously cannot take it.  Every stat shows it is completely a product of luck.  How could one team that is so talented be so consistently unlucky?  This has to change.


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