The Yankee Stock Market: A good, almost great, weekend

Up until the 8th inning of Sunday’s game, the Yankees were putting together a pretty perfect weekend.  I’ll revisit an old theme, and take a look at the last week, stock market style.


–  CC Sabthia.  We started to see the real CC Sabathia, who had command of his fastball, 94-96 on both sides of the plate, and consequently also had command of the Royal’s hitters.  Anyone worried about him… well, you shouldn’t be.

–  Nick Swisher.  Swisher was named a favorite of this blog before he ever even had an AB.  Well, he’s making me look pretty smart so far, Sunday’s error aside.  The guy is a just a solid and versatile player and Girardi should be finding ways to get him consistent playing time – and I think he will.

–  Joba Chamberlain.  Good start from Joba on Sunday.  The irony, of course, is that because the Yanks faltered in the 8th inning, people will again clamor for him in the bullpen (and by people, most likely George King).  This thinking of course overlooks the 6 innings that Joba tossed to give them the chance to win.

–  Robinson Cano.  Cano is looking like the potential batting champ he once was.  A good start from him is crucial to the Yanks this year.

–  Andy Pettitte.  The guy is just a pro.  Who has a number 4 starter like him?  The Yankees rotation depth should prove to be their greatest asset this year.


–  Teixiera’s wrist.  Tex’s injury is a little depressing, but it just shows how valuable it is having Swisher around.  That the Yanks can keep going without Tex and A-Rod speaks to the depth they have. 

–  Girardi’s bullpen management.  I am a big supporter of Girardi and his use of the bullpen generally.  However, he completely overmanaged on Sunday.  Taking out Marte when Butler came in was one thing, however what was the point of bringing in Coke for Veras?  Pena doesn’t have significant splits and is a switch hitter.  Seems like Girardi made a move there just for the sake of making a move.  Though I have to wonder: how does this game turn out of the pitch that Veras threw Butler for ball 4 was called a strike like it should have been?  I hate when a controversial ball/strike call comes at such a crucial moment.

–  Phil Coke.  Coke looked so dominant in his 2nd appearance but didn’t have it on Sunday.  It happens, but he probably shouldn’t have been in there in the first place.  This is exactly why it is unwise to use too many relievers.  Clearly, Veras didn’t have his control his first few pitches and neither did Coke. 

–  Jose Veras.  Not much more to add, except he has to find a way to not walk people.  Otherwise, you’ll be seeing Robertson and/or Melancon in this role pretty quickly. 

–  Cody Ransom.  Wait, are there still people out there who think the Yankees are better off without A-Rod?


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