Wang does nothing but Swisher does it all

I have to say, I am almost a little annoyed now at the outpouring of love for Nick Swisher.  I mean, I spent all offseason telling anyone that would listen that they should love the Swish – but now I just feel unoriginal.

That said, um, how can you not love the guy?  During an abysmal game for the Yanks last night, he hits a homerun AND comes in and throws a shut out inning, even striking out Gabe Kapler (maybe it’s time to go back to Japan, Gabe).  I know the Yankees lost, but baseball is still entertainment, and he’s entertaining, period.

Now, on to the bad:

–  Obviously Wang has looked atrocious.  But the guy didn’t suddenly become terrible.  He went a long time without pitching and needs to find his groove (literally, as his arm slow is all out of whack).  A couple more starts like the one last night, and yes maybe the Yanks need to find a way to get him some work while letting Hughes fill in for him.  I doubt it will get to that though.  The Yankees are lucky they have the depth they do in starting pitching.

–  The Yankees completely depleted the bullpen last night, but luckily decent middle relievers practically grow on trees for them.  You’ll probably see someone get called up today (and had Robertson not just pitched 3 dominating innings yesterday, it’d probably be him).  Really though, with Veras, Bruney, Marte, and Mo all pretty rested, just bringing up a long guy like Tomko or Aceves would probably be enough.

–  It hurts not sweeping the Royals, as the Yanks now fall back below .500.  But last night’s loss only puts the Yanks 1 behind the Rays and 1 ahead of the Red Sox.  Even if both those teams were undefeated, there would be no need to panic this early in the year.  Realistically, if the Yanks win one of the next two in Tampa, they’re looking good going into their first home game. 


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