Burnett and Swisher lead the way

So the Yankees acquired a stopper and a big bat over the offseason, but so far their names are Burnett and Swisher, not Sabathia and Teixiera. 

Needless to say, last night was a big win:

–  Gardner finally showed enough power to warrant his spot in the lineup.  He really killed that ball in the 9th.

–  Ditto for Derek Jeter.  Jeter does have a way of coming through right when you start having doubts about him.

–  How hot is Nick Swisher? From RAB

Nick Swisher once won a game of Connect Four in three moves.

When you go to see Nick Swisher play, you have to buy two tickets. One for the game, and one for the gun show.

Nick Swisher’s intangibles are tangible.

Nick Swisher let the dogs out.

Carlos Delgado stood for the National Anthem because Nick Swisher told him too.

My sentiments exactly. And also, I think it’s important to remember we got him for Wilson Betemit, as Pete Abe reminds us in his game updates last night:

Seriously, they only had to give up Wilson Betemit to get Nick Swisher? Wilson Betemit? Not Woodrow Wilson, Enrique Wilson, Nancy Wilson, Willie Wilson, Wilson Phillips, Flip Wilson, Mookie Wilson, Wilson Pickett, Mr. Wilson from Dennis The Menace, and Wilson the volleyball from Castaway too?

Just Wilson Betemit? Holy cow.

White Sox GM Ken Williams looks a little foolish right now. Of course, Cashman made Phillies GM Pat Gillick look foolish in that Abreu deal in 2006 and the Phils won the title less than 2 years later. So who knows.

–  Burnett has been outstanding, obviously, which gives me confidence that the Yankee scouts know what they’re doing.  They obviously identified Burnett as a bit of a “late-bloomer,” and so far, so good.

–  Bruney was also nasty last night.  He simply blew away the top of the Rays order.  If he keeps attacking hitters like that, he’s the answer in the 8th inning, no matter the matchup. 

–  Despite the big lead, I was surprised we didn’t see Mo in the 9th.  Felt like one of those “Mo is gonna get his work in no matter what” kind of nights.  I have a feeling we’ll see him today.

–  No matter what happens in today’s game, this is a decent start for the Yanks.  Keep in mind, even good teams won’t get that much over .500 for a road record and the Yankees haven’t played a single game at home.  And of course A-Rod is out and Tex has missed time.  The Sox have played some home games, haven’t had a major injury (though Dice-K could be hurt after last night) and are just 2-6.  Just thought I’d mention that.


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