With injuries mounting already, will Yanks pursue a bat?

Xavier Nady is probably done for the season.  Now Hideki Matsui’s knees are bothering him from being on base.  How is that even possible?  Can he even walk?  What does he do when he’s not playing baseball?  How many professional athletes can’t run around the bases a couple times? 

At any rate, the Yankees are looking at the possibility of losing their starting RF and DH before the end of April.  Swisher should have been the RF anyways, but now they’re weak in OF depth and at DH. 

Luckily though, those happen to be the two easiest positions to fill.  Juan Miranda just got called up, so maybe he’ll hit enough to get some ABs at DH or sub a day for Tex.  Maybe Shelley Duncan can recapture some of his 2007 magic. 

But in all probability, the Yanks will explore the trade market at some point, depending on how serious Matsui’s condition ends up being. 

Sure, the popular name will be Matt Holiday, but the Yanks don’t necessarily need that kind of player (read: shouldn’t give up that much).  What about blog favorite Adam Dunn, once it’s obvious the Nationals aren’t a contender?  (What’s that you say?  That was obvious months ago?  Oh.)  Dunn would also probably have a hefty price tag, so it will be in the Yanks best interest to wait and see what kind of players (or salary dumps) become available as teams start to lose game and/or money. 

Of all the needs to have, this is actually one of the best, because really any decent hitter will do.  If he’s a good corner outfielder, that’s just a plus.


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