The Yankee Stock Market: Wang Plummets

I did the Yankee Stock Market bit sporadically last year and am trying to give it regular play on Mondays this season.  Well, apparently liked the idea too, as they’re doing their own version now.

I guess imitation is the best form of flattery – or probably a sign that I need more original ideas.


Brian Bruney – Still, simply dominating. 

Derek Jeter – His 1 for 20 slump had me worried, but a few timely hits and home runs have me believing this will be a solid season for The Captain.  The power is a good sign – it took him over 50 games to hit a homerun last year, which may be indicative of how much his hand issues sapped his strength.  Also, zone ratings have him as the best defensive SS in the league right now; don’t expect that to last.

Robinson Cano – Continues to hit and looks like he could justify that contract after all. 

Jorge Posada – Arm looks good, as he gunned out Grady Sizemore in this past series.  He doesn’t look like he’s missed any time at all at the plate.

Nick Swisher – He’s actually cooled a bit at the plate, but he has quickly become a fan favorite.  Gotta love the “we want Swisher” chants every time a bullpen guy looks terrible.

Jon Albaladejo – Has looked pretty good after a rough opening day – got some big outs yesterday.  Goes to show you can’t put too much faith in one bad outing, especially for bullpen guys.


Brett Gardner – Has had a few hits, but still looks somewhat overmatched.  I don’t know if I can talk myself him into being an everyday player long-term.

Cody Ransom – His great athleticism should translate well as a utility man.  It does not translate well as an everyday third baseman.

Jose Veras – Simply has to throw strikes.  It’s just that simple.  Seems like the appropriate place for a Bill Simmons-style “wait, is that Mark Melancon’s music I hear?!”  Melancon is dominating in Triple A.  It’s just a matter of time. 

Demaso Marte – Not sure Girardi has really found his role yet.  Fans will remember his terrible appearance on opening day.

The New Stadium – As I’ve mentioned, the home runs are a real cause for concern.  Also, just does not seem as loud as the old place, though I’m reserving judgment for when we start to get some night games, especially Yankees-Red Sox.

Chien-Ming Wang – His first three starts have been beyond atrocious.  Probably could use a start or two in the minors, but that’s not possible unless he’s hurt.  Pitchers don’t just suddenly become bad overnight; clearly Wang needs more innings to recover from his lengthy layoff last year (if only the NL had a DH…).  I am still confident that by late June, Wang will be effective again.  I’m just not sure if the Yanks can afford to throw him to the dogs at Fenway this weekend.


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