Breaking News: Holliday would play in NY

Hold on to your seats:

Not a big surprise, but Newsday’s Ken Davidoff learned that Matt Holliday is willing to play in New York. The Mets or Yankees could consider the Scott Boras client, who is a free agent after the season. For what it’s worth, Holliday’s father Tom told Tyler Kepner of the New York Times in November that he’d like to see Holliday traded to the Yankees, or at least an East Coast team.

What’s your prediction for Holliday’s next contract? Will he top the four year, $82MM extension offered by the Rockies? And will the A’s trade him in July?

(via MLB Trade Rumors)

Obviously Holliday will say that he’s willing to play in NY. There happen to be two teams who play there who have a lot of money and could potentially use him.

I personally think the Yanks should pass. Holliday is a good hitter and mediocre defender who plays a non-premium position. You don’t pay big bucks for a left fielder unless they are an insanely good hitter. End of story.

The thing is though, I could definitely see Holliday’s price plummeting and I’d be surprised if he gets more than the $82 million the Rockies offered. Bobby Abreu only got $5 million. Dunn got $20 million. Heck, Manny only got a 1 year deal with an option. If the economy of baseball stays close to how it is now, who would be dumb enough to give over $80 million to Matt Holliday? There will be lots of OFs on the market next season, such as Johnny Damon, Jason Bay, and Rick Ankiel.

So bottom line, wherever Holliday ends up next season, I have a feeling it won’t be for as much money as he thinks.


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