Picking up momentum

Don’t look now, but the Yankees, at 8 and 6, have the third best record in the American League, behind only Toronto and Seattle.  And really, it hasn’t been a great start for the Yanks.  Due to Wang’s struggles, they’ve had 3 games in which they’ve had absolutely no chance.  The Yankees are good enough offensively to win when their starter has a bad day, but not that kind of a bad day.

So while I am ever the optimist, I think the Yankees are off to a good start. 

Thoughts on last night’s win over Oakland:

–  Resigning Pettitte obviously was one of the keys to the offseason.  Some pawned it off as Cashman abandoning his youth movement, but look at Wang.  Not every starter will make every start.  The Yankees will need Phil Hughes this year at some point, and definitely next year.  Pettitte is as close to a known commodity as you can have.  If he’s healthy, he’ll keep you in every game and spin a few gems.  If he’s hurt, he’ll still give you some innings (like the end of last year). 

–  From a friend who was at last night’s game: the fans adore Nick Swisher.  Okay, that’s not really news, but apparently during role call, he jumps up and down and does an air guitar type thing.  So yeah, the fans really love Nick Swisher.

–  Did anyone catch the “My 9 star of the game”?  That’s right: Brett Gardner.  Wait, what?  Yeah, great catch in the first and he hit a single that only got through beause the infield was drawn in… well, maybe it will boost his confidence.

–  Is Oakland terrible at hitting the long ball or were early reports of the New Yankee Stradium wind tunnel premature?  Or is it both?  Guess time will tell.


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