Some belated thoughts on a depressing weekend of baseball

The Yankees struggle against the Red Sox in April.  That’s the way it’s been since I started following the Yankees closely (read: obsessively) and this year’s first series was no different.  In the grand scheme of the season, it’s really not a big deal, but just for the “psychic well-being” of the team, coming away with one win would have been nice.  I will say this for the Yankees though: they kept coming back.  Every time I thought they were done on Saturday, they’d rally.  Unfortunately, it was just one of those days where the band box of Fenway was in full effect and no visiting team pitcher could get a big out.

I’m ready to put it behind me, but I do have a few other thoughts:

–  I really have gotten to the point where I hate Yankee-Red Sox games.  Even when the Yankees win, there is just an absurd level of importance placed on the games.  As a fan, I don’t really find watching fun, as much as stressful.  When the Yankees win, it’s a relief.  No having to listen to stupid media people discuss the demise of the Yankees, no having to watch Sully and Murph and all the other Fenway hooligans celebrate like the Red Sox just released hats in a new shade of pink, and no having to hear about how the small market, home grown Red Sox were able to upend the rich, corporate Yankees.

Just thinking about Fenway park makes me angry… let’s move on…

– Well, not completely.  How absurd of a homefield advantage is Fenway Park?  This is what gives me somewhat mixed feelings on the New Yankee Stadium; the old Yankees Stadium did not provide a tremendous homefield advantage, but I feel like the new park does even less.  But of course, once things get straightened out, the new stadium will provide the Yankees with an even greater financial advantage, whereas Boston will eventually be limited by the small capacity of their park – at least in theory.

Either way, Fenway’s dimensions are ridiculous; there needs to be some sort of standardization with stadiums.

–  It was good to see Mark Melancon finally get some work in.  I’ve written about him countless times over the past year and I had no idea what he even looked like.  I think by year’s end, he and Bruney will be the primary setup men.  I think Phil Coke will end up being useful and Marte as well if he’s used correctly.  Veras and Ramirez are just too inconsistent.

–  I wrote about this beforehand, but how does Girardi start Berroa over Pena?  Berroa can’t hit or field.  Pena should be the starter until A-Rod returns.

–  As the Yankees’ RISP woes continue, it is clear they really need A-Rod back.  You strand runners when your lineup isn’t deep.  A lineup that consistently includes some combination of Berroa/Pena/Ransom, Molina, and Gardner/Cabrera, is not deep.


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