Yankees need to learn to manage Marte

With all the attention going to A-Rod and the Red Sox series, Demaso Marte being placed on the DL slipped a bit under the radar. 

Apparently his shoulder bothered him a bit after the WBC and then more seriously after the first Red Sox series. 

If you remember, last year Marte had some shoulder trouble right after coming to NY and had to be briefly shut down.  When he came back, he was a different pitcher (in a good way). 

I think it’s obvious that Marte is simply not a multiple innings pitcher.  When he’s used that way, he tires, is ineffective, and gets hurt.  Let’s hope that Marte comes back at full strength and is effective again.  Of all the pitchers to have an ill-defined role, Marte makes the last sense – he’s the only middle reliever who is signed to a multi-year deal. 

Girardi still has work to do to get the Yankee bullpen on track; correctly utilizing Marte will be a big part of that.


One response to “Yankees need to learn to manage Marte

  1. I do agree that the Yankees have been managing Marte the wrong way. However, I think the WBC was the main reason for his injury.

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