When it rains, it pours

Nothing is really going right for the Yankees right now.  For the past 4 games, they’ve received decent efforts from their starting pitching.  Even Phil Hughes’, 4IP, 4R performance really wasn’t too bad when you consider how difficult it was for him to get a called strike and how well “2nd starter” Aceves did. 

Bottom line: the starting pitching did enough each game to keep the Yankees in it.

Once again, however, they cannot seem to get that timely hit, Teixiera’s 3 run double in the 8th inning last night aside.  As well as Melky and Ramiro Pena have done at the plate compared to what was expected of them, not having A-Rod and Posada around really hurts.  Imagine if Cabrera was the number 9 hitter, like he should be?  Now that would be a lineup.   

Sure, the offense has had a few games where they busted out, like that 10 run inning against Detroit.  But how many games has their offense just taken over right from the beginning?  How many times so far this year has the Yankee starter been able to say to himself “alright, just throw strikes and put together a decent start and this one’s in the bag”? 

To answer my own question, not once, unless you count the 6-0 lead they had that Saturday in Fenway. 

Those games will come; the Yankee offense is too good for them not to.  Will it happen tonight?  Young and inexperienced Jeff Neimann will be on the mound, so you’d think there is a good chance, but we saw what happened against Palmer of the Angels a few days back. 

So, much like it feels like the rain will never end, so too does it feel like the Yankees frustrating start will never end.  They can’t get calls in big spots.  They can’t get hits in big spots.  They can’t get outs in big spots.

What makes it the most frustrating though is the Yankees really aren’t playing that bad.  If they were, it would be easier to just say “they stink” and move on.  But clearly, they’re good; they just can’t seem to put it together. 

The Yankees schedule has been brutal so far, so there are certainly reasons to be optimistic.  But tonight’s game definitely feels like a “must win,” even if it isn’t.  The sad part is, the Yankees have already had a bunch of games that have felt this way. 


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