Welcome back, A-Rod

TO: A-Rod

FROM: Rivera’s Cutter

RE: Welcome Back

Welcome back, Alex.  The Yankees need you.  More importantly though, you need the Yankees.  You have an amazing opportunity here – the Yankees just can’t put it together and are losing lots of close games.  If you come out and hit, you can make an immediate impact.  Manny Ramirez just got outed as a steroid user, so some of the heat will be off of you.  Everything is in the right place for you to make a quest for redemption.  Even without your help, the Yankees are too good not to start winning some games.  You can make them great.

So let’s get back to everyone hating you for why they originally did, before all these stories of “unclutchness,” phoniness, and steroids: because you’re ridiculously good at baseball and other teams can’t get you out.


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