Seriously Alex, welcome back

I try not to overreact, even when the Yankees go on 5-game losing streaks.  Similarly, I try not to get too excited over any Yankee win, but at the same time, isn’t that why we watch sports?  For enjoyment?

So with that out of the way, let’s get right to it: last night’s Yankee victory was exciting.  I’d contest you couldn’t have a more exciting victory that didn’t involve playoff implications.  Not that the game was a thriller; this was a different sort of excitment, the kind that comes with optimism and hope.

The crowning moment came right away in the first inning, when A-Rod crushed the first pitch he saw for a three-run homerun.  Now there was the production the Yankees had been missing from third base.  I almost didn’t believe it happened at first it was so surreal.

More importantly though was the “return” of CC.  Of course, by return, I mean the transition from decent starter to dominant one.  It had literally been years since the Yankees had a pitcher throw a complete game shutout.  That’s why the Yankees pursued Sabathia so hard in the offseason.  That’s the pitcher they expected to show up as we neared summer.

All of this optimism will be for nothing of course if the Yankees immediately start to falter again, but for right now things aren’t looking too bad.  Hopefully they can keep it going against Adam Eaton and the Orioles this evening.


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