Two out of three ain’t bad

One good thing about having a late game Saturday followed by an early game Sunday: before I could even lament Saturday night’s loss, the Yankees were back playing again.

Some thoughts:

–  I know I am an apologist for Phil Hughes in general, but man that guy just can’t catch a break.  For whatever reason the Yankees have been prone to the big inning this year.  This one was particularly rough: Tex almost had two outs, Huff hit a homerun on a pitch down by his shoes, etc.

But ya know what?  When you’re 22 years old, you’re gonna have some starts like that.  This is why if Wang gets healthy (read: effective) again, Hughes absolutely should go back down the Triple-A.  No bullpen for him or Joba.  Hughes just needs to go back down, keep pitching every 5 days, and be ready the next time the Yankees need him.

–  Johnny Damon is good.  I don’t have anything more to say about that.

–  Tex is having a weird year.  Yeah, he’s slumping, but he’s still hit a decent share of homeruns and has drawn a lot of walks.  He just seems to be under everything.  He has a good eye but everything he hits is a flyball.  Sometimes those fly balls will be deep enough, but usually not.  I’m no hitting coach so I don’t know how you fix that, but hopefully Kevin Long does.

–  Aubrey Huff making fun of Joba’s fist pump is kind of ridiculous.  Why is it that Joba’s “celebrations” get so much attention?  Sabathia had a celebration after his shutout.  Papelbon and K-Rod both preen like clowns after they record a save.  What gives?  Is this just a case where a player is buying into all the media hype?  I just don’t understand.

–  I’m still a bit frustated that the Yankees haven’t yet recorded an “easy” win.  When will they finally just hammer a pitcher right from the start and run away with one?  I mean, they faced Adam Eaton on Saturday.  What more do they need?

–  It’s good A-Rod hit that initial homerun, because he’s obviously a little rusty.  Thanks to that one hit though, he’ll get a little leeway as he works himself back into shape.

–  What is going on with all the Yankees’ roster moves?  I guess it’s okay to give Tomko a chance, but did Robertson ever really get a chance?  And why DFA Eric Hacker, a young pitcher who looked so promising in spring training, when you could DFA the useless Angel Berroa?

–  Phil Coke’s emergence is a big deal for the Yankees.  The bullpen is going to get figured out eventually and hopefully Coke will help make that happen.  If Coke can keep it up, then once Marte and Bruney are healthy, the Yankees should be in business.  Aceves can be the long man and if one other pitcher, Albaladejo, Veras, Ramirez, Robertson, Tomko, Melancon, etc, can step up and be at least decent, that’s a good pen.

–  I’d much rather see Joba have trouble in the first inning than the later innings.  Obviously it’s encouraging to see any starter get better as the game goes on but it also gives less ammo to the crazed “Joba to the bullpen” folk out there.


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