What will Manny have to say?

It appears, according to an ESPN report, that Manny Ramirez’s exprience with steroids is not a one time thing or an accident.  He triggered the test because of high levels of synthetic testosterone.  The drug he got caught with doesn’t cause that.  Apparently Boras had a plan already in place to claim that Manny was using a legal andro-like substance until they realized it was impossible based on the test results.

So clearly, we are talking about multiple drugs here.  What I am most curious about now, is what will be demanded of Manny by the media?  What will he say?  It’s all kind of worthless because Manny will likely lie and no one will believe him even if he doesn’t lie.  But surely Manny will have to do something to pacify the outraged masses, no?  Or does he just see what happened to A-Rod and realize it’s a can’t win situation?

Peter Gammons claims that Manny is now the Dodger’s problem, without mentioning the countless articles he wrote about Manny and his tireless work ethic at the gym.  Gammons also implies in his article that Manny’s steroids use is isolated to his recent L.A. days, without giving any real proof.  The drugs that Manny got caught with are indicitive of sustained use.  I don’t get worked up over steroids, but that still warrants mentioning.  So maybe Manny is the problem of Dodger’s own Frank McCourt now, but he could have just as easily have been John Henry’s problem.


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