Cal Ripken: Not a scholar

Cal Ripken wants to know why A-Rod used PEDs and he’s going to “make it [his] business to find out.” 

Well I have some questions for you, Cal:

1) What does that even mean?  Are you just gonna ask him?  Will you actual start an investigation company?  Or maybe just a website? 

2) Why do you care?  You’ve never been implicated in this and despite the fact that you weren’t really a very good player for a good number of years, all this makes your legacy grow even further. 

3) Do you really not know the answer to this?  I actually can solve it for you right now.  PED use was rampant, baseball players are pretty stupid, and athletes will do whatever they can to help their training.  Did A-Rod need to?  Well who knows and honestly, it’s not important.  Why would he take a chance, as the game’s best player, of not exploring every avenue of self-improvement?  


One response to “Cal Ripken: Not a scholar

  1. Um Cal, didn’t you at your Hall of Fame Induction call Brady Anderson your best friend and didn’t you give Brady’s Oriole HOF unduction speech calling him the greatest athlete you ever played with…no questions for him, especially after his 50 HR season?

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