Walk off weekend

Oddly enough, I find that I post more frequently after Yankee losses than Yankees wins, probably partly because the act of discussing the game is somewhat therapuetic.  Also though, there is that silly side of my that hates to jinx a good run.

Well, tonight I want to sweep the Twins, but just a plain old normal win will do just fine, as amazing as the last few days have been.  It’s lefty vs lefty, which I think favors the Yankees, as both Mauer and Morneau, who have been killing the Yankees, are left handed.  The last time Pettitte pitched against Toronto, the Yankees finally had the ever-elusive “easy win.”  Hopefully the Yankees can repeat that effort.

Thoughts on the walk-off happy series so far:

–  Let me get the complaining out of the way first: bunting is stupid.  The Yankees finally got Matsui in from third with 1 out yesterday, but a decent throw would have (and probably should have) nailed him.  I can’t remember another time it ever worked (well, this year).  The announcers get so excited whenever a player successfully sacrifices, but why are we taking the bat out of the hands of our players?  It’s statistically proven that it is not a good way to score runs; it only makes any sense in a walk-off situation.  The Yankees have the kind of offense that can have big innings, but it’s hard to have those innings when you give outs away.

–  Friday night’s game was easily the most exciting of the year.  It was nice 1) having confidence in Melky coming up and 2) having that confidence rewarded.  You have to hand it to the Melk Man – few thought he would come out of the gates playing this well.  Yes, it could be fluke, but the Yankees have needed him.  My favorite part of his walk off hit – well besides that he got it – was listening to the crowd chant his name while Cano was being walked.  Melky even mentioned this in his post-game interview.  The new stadium is finally starting to feel like home and generate some energy.

–  Is Brett Tomko a piece to the bullpen puzzle?  My gut says no, but if he can throw strikes…

–  How long before Jose Veras learns you can’t come out and walk the first guy you face?  You just can’t.  I don’t care if they have to put a shock collar on him and zap him every time he throws a ball behind in the count.  It’s ridiculous at this point.  Notice how Veras’ best performance of the year was when he went longer against the A’s (3.1 IP)?  Well, he walked the first guy in that game too but then settled down.  Perhaps he needs to learn from Joba and face a pretend hitter in the bullpen first to get himself ready.

–  Just a couple days ago, I said it was up to the 3-4 hitters to finally start delivering.  Well, thanks guys.  Tex is a force at the plate again, and with that walk-off shot, A-Rod seems to be shaking off the rust.

–  I know I spend an inordinate amount of time complaining about balls and strikes, but wow – Jerry Meals on Friday night was disgustingly bad.  Luckily, however, his incompetence did not end up costing the Yankees.  In the 9th, he called two strikes on A-Rod that almost hit him – but A-Rod still ended up walking.  Baseball is too big of a sport to have such terrible umpires.


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