Taking stock of the AL

The Yankees did what they needed to in Texas, taking 2 of 3 from the AL West leading Rangers. The Yanks are now tied for first with the Red Sox and if you look around the American League, you’ll see a lot of mediocrity right now.  The Rangers have the league’s best record, but you have to think their lack of pitching will catch up with them.  Toronto is still right there, but they are sinking about as fast as a team can.  Tampa Bay has been mediocre (though they are still a team to worry about).  Cleveland was expected to be the best of the central, but they’ve been pretty awful until just recently.  The Angels are barely above .500 and have some serious holes in their roster.  Detroit is playing well, but as we learned last year, they too have some suspect pitching – can Rick Porcello keep winning games for them all season?

So what does all this mean?  That despite the Yankees’ early struggles, every team has its issues.  Just a couple weeks ago, people were saying the Yankees should trade/release every player outside of Jeter (Mike Francesca, I’m looking at you).  Yet it’s still May and the Yankees are one game out of the best record in the AL, and they’re about to get back Posada and Nady is in the pipeline.  If Tampa Bay doesn’t have a resurgence, who will challenge the Yankees/Red Sox for the wild card?  How many teams will finish with more than 90 wins?  I think both the Yankees and Red Sox will, but who else would you be willing to bet on?  I’m not sure.


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