Progress for Wang

The final numbers for Chien-Ming Wang were not all that impressive today, but it has to be seen as progress.  His first two innings he was pretty dominant but from then on he was inconsistent, occasionally leaving sinkers up and away.  This has to be expected of a player though who has not made a start in the majors in a solid month.  And when Wang did start this season, he essentially threw batting practice and the Yanks were blown out.

So obviously, I think the Yankees need to keep Wang in the rotation and keep running him out there.  I have a feeling that as the summer moves on, the old Chien-Ming Wang will show up.

As far as the game goes, the Yankees have to love the big hits the Melkman keeps racking up.  While I think the whole “clutch” thing is wildly overrated, it’s that type of reputation that can give a young player like Melky the confidence he needs to succeed.  Plus, I mean the whole “Melkman delivers” line writes itself, without John Sterling’s help.  Also worth mentioning: Bernie Williams didn’t become a productive everyday player until he was 24 and didn’t start to get really good until he was 26.  Not saying that Melky will be a hitter like Bernie was, but considering the strides Melky’s made this season both offensively and defensively he deserves at least a couple more seasons before anyone passes a final judgment on him.


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