The next 300-game winner could be sooner than you think

Randy Johnson finally got win number 300 last night and that has led to the usual “will we ever see another 300-game winner” musings.

I think the answer is yes.  And it could be sooner than you think.

Andy Pettitte currently has 220 wins.  By season’s end, he should at least have 225, (hopefully) more like 230.  Sure Pettitte has threatened retirement many times and it wouldn’t surprise me if this is his last year.  But it seems to me that he’s got his competitive drive back in full force since returning to the Yankees.  The kids are getting older and we all know Andy likes to compete.

Pettitte has already proven he doesn’t need a big fastball to survive in the AL East.  It’s really not a reach to think he could go to the NL and pitch for the Astros or some other team into his early-mid 40s.  Looking at how Randy Johnson is still performing in the NL is really all the proof needed that Pettitte could do so as well.

So say Andy pitches 5-6 more seasons, until he’s 42 or 43.  How does he not rack up the 70 or so wins he needs to get to 300?  Would that make him a Hall of Famer?  Right now he’s a classic “Hall of Very Good” kind of guy who no one ever thinks about for the Hall.  But if he has 300 wins, does that make it automatic?

Obviously chances are good Andy will retire relatively soon.  But who knows?


2 responses to “The next 300-game winner could be sooner than you think

  1. As much as I would love to see Andy reach the 300 win milestone, I don’t believe he’ll be in the game long enough. I can’t see him sticking around for another 5-6 years. On top of that, he would need 12-15 wins per year.

  2. Oh, I agree. I don’t think he’ll do it; I think he’ll retire first. The point is I don’t think it’s that far-fetched and I’m sure we’ll see someone win 300 again before too long.

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