New Yankee Stadium: too many runs?

I’ve been sitting on this one for awhile: the RLYW takes a look at offensive stats at Yankee stadium (through May 24th).

Their findings?  It’s been about equal to what Fenway has been over the past couple years.  And I think it’s safe to say that there is a decent chance the new stadium will see less offense from here on out.

So if you want to call the new stadium a joke, by all means go ahead.  But that’s because it’s been Fenway West, not Coors Field East – and as everyone should know, Fenway park is a joke.

So the new stadium should work out this year, even if it doesn’t play exactly how everyone expected.  Maybe at years end, the Yankees decide to make a few changes to help limit runs, but Fenway park has been an offensive haven like this for a solid hundred years and everyone seems to think that’s just fine.


One response to “New Yankee Stadium: too many runs?

  1. I agree. The Yankee Bashers are just wanting to use the New Stadium as a way to spit venom at Yankee Universe.

    If the Yanks didn’t have a winning record at home, I’d be concerned, but they have one of the best home records in baseball.

    If opposing teams come into NYS worried about giving up HR’s, if it makes their pitchers try to pitch overly cautious, what’s so wrong with that. Wouldn’t that be the very definition of a “home field advantage”?

    The Red Sox have used their “bandbox” as a distinct advantage for decades as you correctly pointed out.

    Not saying I want the NYS to play small. I do believe some changes should be forthcoming in the off-season. But for this season, it’s not as big a deal as the MSM makes it out to be.

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