The dangers of incentive clauses

The following is complete speculation on my part.  But I don’t think Andy Pettitte is right.  And by that I don’t mean he just isn’t pitching well.  I don’t believe he’s healthy.  I don’t think it’s serious; I just think he needs to miss a start or two and get his back right.

So, with the Yankees currently trying to fit 6 starters into 5 spots, wouldn’t it make sense to throw Pettitte on the DL for a quick stint, have him miss 1 or 2 starts and get himself completely healthy?

Well of course it would, but remember Pettitte’s contract pays him based on how many innings and games he pitches.  So, of course he’s going to say he can keep pitching.  Wouldn’t he be foolish not to?

This is the danger of incentive clauses like this.  And again, I am 100% speculating all of this.  But part of me wonders if Pettitte had simply signed a straight up 1 year $10 million deal, would he still be getting the ball?  I know Pettitte is a competitor and wants to go out and help the team, but pitching hurt in this case isn’t helping the team.


One response to “The dangers of incentive clauses

  1. I completely agree. I think Andy’s back is bothering him, plus he had trouble breathing in his last start. What’s up with that? Anyway, that is the problem with incentive laden contracts, in addition Andy is the type of guy who will pitch hurt.

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