Veras likely to be traded

Jose Veras was DFA’s today, as Bruney was activated from the DL.  Surprising?  Perhaps a little.  The choice was really between Tomko and Veras.  Tomko has been a little more reliable but Veras has better stuff and is 10 years younger.  Veras clearly has the most upside.

Due to that, I have a feeling the Yankees have already found a taker for Veras and will trade him in the coming days.  There was no chance they’d get anything for Tomko, so in that sense, DFAing Veras is logical, assuming the Yankees felt Veras would not be able to turn it around this season.

I think Veras 100% can help a handful of teams out there.  He has a 95mph fastball and a good breaking ball.  His problems were largely mental – he couldn’t help but walk the first guy he faced.  Get him out of NY and I bet he turns into a productive piece for someone.  Let’s not forget that LaTroy Hawkins has been lights out for Houston ever since leaving the Yanks.


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