As A-Rod goes…

It’s always fun to blame A-Rod when the Yankees struggle, but the lethargic offense really needs him right now.  For a team with as much talent position to position as the Yankees have, for them to be struggling to score runs againt these NL teams is just awful.  Wang’s last night wasn’t a complete disaster and he almost certainly would have gone deeper into the game if it were in an AL park.  The bottom line though, is the Yankees should be winning games when they hold their opponent to 3 runs or less.

The team is certainly in a funk right now, but they are somehow still the wild card leader in what has been a very mediocre AL so far.  They can’t possibly continue to be this bad offensively.  Wang might not be great right now, but he’s no longer  a train wreck.  If they keep running him out there, he should continue to improve.

But I can’t help but think that these interleague games will end up coming back to haunt the Yanks later in the year.  The offense needs to get it going and if I’m Girardi I think I make a change here just to make a change – tinker with the lineup, whatever.  Hopefully, A-Rod can be the one to snap out of his funk and lead them.  Otherwise, I feel like I’ll be writing the same post, over and over again.


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