Mo back to form

It was obviously nice to see Mo notch his 500th save, but perhaps most importantly for the 2009 Yankees, it would appear that he has, as is usually the case, regained his consistency and control.  April and May are generally the worst months for Rivera and in his last few outings he is really building some momentum.  Once again, it would appear that those who predicted his demise will have to continue to wait.

I could write thousands of words on how great a player I think Rivera is; it’s no accident I named this site after him.  One of the great things about being a Yankee fan is being able to cheer for Rivera.  Not only is he a one of a kind, dominant player, but his demeanor on the mound is the definition of class.  From his slow jog in to “Enter Sandman,” to his classy handshake with the catcher after he finishes the job, he’s exactly what you’d want a closer to be.  He doesn’t try to intimidate; he doesn’t need any of that.  He’s above it.

It’s been many years since I’ve been to Cooperstown, but if I do return for a visit, it will be 5 years after Mo retires, to see him celebrated there.

Saves may be a meaningless stat, but 500 show the consistency that Rivera has had at an inconsistent position.  So congratulations to him.  He deserves all the praise he receives.


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