Glad I missed that one

Since my last post, the Yankees have been on a pretty good stretch and even if the Blue Jays are in a bit of a free fall, taking 3 of 4 from them is a good thing.  You’d like to see more consistency from Joba and Pettitte, but they easily could have won both games those two pitched and did in fact win one.

Yesterday’s game I only listened to part of on the radio and that was probably for the best.  I can’t stand when umpires blow fairly routine calls that have a large impact on the game and from the replays I’ve seen, the Yankees were victims of multiple such calls.  I know, I know, that stuff evens out supposedly, but does it really?  Why can’t we just figure out a way to get it right?  Sure, Pettitte and Bruney should have pitched better, but if the Jays had gotten a few bad calls instead, you’d be saying the same thing about their picthers right now.

The one good thing here is that there seems to be some pretty significant fallout over this game, particularly with Jeter being called out at third and then being told he doesn’t need to be tagged.  Sometimes you need one blown call to act as a tipping point for finally enacting some change.  It will probably take a call on a bigger stage (ie, playoffs) to make a rule change like more instant replay, but yesterday’s umpiring should at least make MLB look on its umpires with a more critical eye.


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