Red Sox trying to shake things up

The Red Sox acquired Adam LaRoche and Chris Duncan yesterday, in an attempt to bolster an offense that has been mediocre despite playing in a little league park.  Kevin Youkilis and Jason Bay both are having fine seasons, but otherwise the Red Sox lineup has a lot of question marks.  Will LaRoche or Duncan help?  Probably not significantly, as both figure to be more bench players – similar to the Yankees’ acquisition of Eric Hinske.  LaRoche is the better player of the two, but he’s a first baseman, which begs the question: is Mike Lowell healthy?  If Lowell is healthy, LaRoche becomes largely irrelevant, as he’s not that significant of an upgrade over Mark Kotsay, considering their relative amount of playing time.

Much like Cashman likes to “throw things against the wall and see what sticks,” Epstein probably figures that since these players cost only money and low level prospects, they are low risk and if one of them can get hot for a month, there is potential for upside.

I will definitely be following Mike Lowell’s playing time from here on in though.


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