One year later, Washburn deal makes sense

I’ve believed all along that the Yankees don’t need to make a trade and I still believe that.  But let’s face it: the Yankees might be the best team in baseball right now and they would be foolish not to do everything possible to make a World Series run.  With Wang going on the shelf for at least a year and perhaps forever, the Yankees could use another pitcher.  Sure, they could use Hughes or Aceves in the #5 spot or stick it out with Mitre, but if they can get a decent arm relatively cheap, they need to do it.

A year ago there was a lot of talk of the Yankees acquiring Jarrod Washburn and I think that it makes more sense now than ever.  He’s having a good season, he’s left-handed, and he won’t break the bank in terms of prospects.  The question, really, is do the Yankees have the finances this season, considering their already high payroll and the deflated economy, to take on Washburn’s salary?  And if they don’t take on his total salary and expect money back from the Mariners, would that mean they’d have to give up some significant prospects?

Cashman is a stealth negotiator, so don’t expect much of what he’s working on to be public.  But considering that both Joba and Hughes have inning limits this season, I fully expect that Cashman will acquire at least one arm.


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