Give Pettitte credit for taking time

Word is Pettitte has a bit of a cranky shoulder and will take a few extra days off before his next start.

Earlier in the year it seemed that Pettitte’s back was bothering him and I speculated that he refused to sit because he had a contract that rewarded him based on starts (and I don’t think that is his fault – it’s the fault of that type of contract).  Give him credit here for taking the time he needs to get ready for the playoffs.  Obviously he is still on track to hit a majority of his incentive clauses, but still.


One response to “Give Pettitte credit for taking time

  1. It’s a good point. I think he’s safe to hit all of his incentives at this point. This could be a very big deal though and he’s smart enough to know that. They’re is no reason to risk anything now.

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