Pete Abe leaving The Journal News

As you may have heard, Pete Abraham will be leaving The Journal News to cover the Red Sox (gasp) at The Boston Globe.

I would just like to say that Pete will be sorely missed in Yankee-land.  His blog is my one must read site.  Pete was also nice enough to let me write a guest spot for him back in January of ’08 and he really supports the Yankee online community.  He understands that bloggers and newspaper people are not, by nature, opposed to each other; in fact, the passion of the fans help make his job easier.  It’s no accident that, in a time when newspapers are suffering, Pete and his ability to harness the passion of the fans and balance both internet and newspaper mediums, receives a promotion.

Pete tends to be one of the few sane voices when discussing the Yankees and he’ll need that calm and reasoning now that he’ll be dealing with all those hooligans in Boston.  Was the opportunity to boo A-Rod from Red Sox Nation the final factor in Pete’s departure?  Well, that we may never know.

Seriously though, I may now have to add a Boston blog onto my google reader as I’m not sure I can imagine NOT having Pete’s blog to read.

Thanks Pete, and good luck.


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