I started Rivera’s Cutter in the Fall of 2006. The Yankees had just unceremoniously lost to the Tigers and despite my frustration, I realized that I still enjoyed talking about the Yankees more than anything else. And I also realized few people had the time to listen to me in person. But everyone has time to read a website at work.

I named the site Rivera’s Cutter, obviously in honor of my favorite player, Mariano Rivera. As anyone who will listen to me knows, I feel that Rivera is the only baseball player in my lifetime who is truly unique. I could see another player like Derek Jeter, or like Bernie Williams, but I’ll never see another player like Mariano Rivera.

Why you ask? Because of the cutter.


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  1. As a Yanks lover, I figured you might get a kick out of this Anti Sox merch online. (Shameless self-plug, it’s my stuff, but still…)

    If you like it, would you mind giving it a plug? Spring Training is right around the corner!)


  2. Nice site. If you any interest in doing a link exchange, let me know. I run the Bernie Williams tribute site.

  3. We are starting a petition to have a George Steinbrenner Day at the stadium and a plaque put in Monument Park. We think it would be great to be able to show GMS our appreciation while he’s still around.

    If you would put up a post about it along with the link to the petition we would appreciate it!

    Here’s the link – http://yankeegm.blogspot.com/2008/02/george-m-steinbrenner-day-sign-petition.html

    Thanks, and let me know about the link!


  4. Hey there,
    Want to exchange links?



  5. I just discovered your site, thank goodness. I, too, worship at the altar of Mariano, so I’ll be checking in with you every day.

    Your blog is like Mariano in a lot of ways–free of clutter, easy to follow, uncluttered.

  6. Let me know if you would have any interest in Joining SportsBlognet.com.

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