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ESPN reports that A-Rod’s deal may be up to $314 million, which is obviously higher than the previously reported $305 million. The headline is misleading however; while it is true that everyone likes to read about A-Rod being greedy and the Yankees overspending, the extra $9 million dollars is simply the deferred money A-Rod is owed by Texas.

Something about the contract that is interesting, however, is that it will be frontloaded. Apparently, A-Rod will make $32 million in the first 3 seasons. If the rest of the money is distributed equally, he’d make approximately $25.5 million the next 7 years. I’m glad to see the Yankees are finally done with the “we’ll deal with it later” attitude of previous backloaded contracts. It makes sense for A-Rod to make the most money the next 3 seasons; those seasons will likely be his most productive. If the Yankees had thought like this in the past, Giambi wouldn’t be set to make $22 million this year.