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The Case for Andy Pettitte

Let’s assume for a moment that the findings of The Mitchell Report are accurate (which is a huge assumption, but we’ll get to that later). Let’s look at exactly what Andy Pettitte would be guilty of:

While rehabbing a bad elbow, Pettitte used HGH to help himself heal quicker so he could be back with the team. Probably not ethical, but if it is true he never used any other PED’s before or since, it is hard to say his baseball achievement was ultimately greatly affected by the drug. At the time, while HGH required a perscription and was legally dubious, it was not on the banned substance list of Major League Baseball. It was also being commonly used by other ballplayers. And of course, it is still against the law to use a drug that requires a prescription, but such use happens every day with a myriad of drugs.

Now if what the report says about Clemens is true, it’s a little different. But of course the validity of the report will likely never be confirmed. That’s the kind of accuracy over $50 million can buy.


And he’s back!

Andy Pettitte has returned to the Yankees and I can honestly say, I always thought he would.

So where does that leave the Santana Sweepstakes? On one hand there is less pressure to acquire a veteran arm with Pettitte around. On the other hand, having a 1-2-3 of Santana, Wang, and Pettitte would be nasty (not to mention following with Joba, Moose, and Kennedy).

The Yankees have made their final offer: Phil Hughes, Melky Cabrera, and a mid-level prospect (essentially not Austin Jackson, Ian Kennedy, Dellin Betances, Jose Tabata, or Alan Horne). This is at least comparable to the Red Sox package of Lester, Lowrie, Crisp, and Masterson and probably better simply because Crisp makes too much money for what he produces. The Red Sox have since put the Ellsbury into the deal instead of Lester and Crisp (while presumably adding another mid-level prospect as well). From a talent standpoint this is actually a worse package, as Ellsbury isn’t as good as Lester. But according to Jack Curry of the NYTimes, the Twins might not agree. In fact, they rate Ellsbury higher than Hughes.

If this is true, it might not be worth it for the Yankees to even be at the negotiating table. If there is that big of a disparity in how the Twins and Yankees rate the Yankees’ prospects, its hard to find an equitable deal.

Either way, it’s good to have Andy back.