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Don’t tease me Buster…

So Buster Olney, a day after saying the Yankees were going to bring in Mark Loretta, went back and said that they will not sign him.

This is all for the best actually: Houston just offerred him arbitration. It makes no sense for the Yankees to forfeit a draft pick for a backup.


Finally, Mark Loretta

Last year I said the Yankees should sign Mark Loretta. Now it appears they are getting closer to doing so. So where will he play? First? Utility man? Already there has been speculation that he will replace Cano, assuming he was traded in a Santana deal. This seems unlikely, as I think Cano is untouchable. Loretta instead could be added insurance, much like Doug M. last year. He also would allow the Yankees to throw Wilson Betemit into a deal with the Twins, who need a third baseman. In no way would Betemit be the centerpiece to a deal, but he could be a spare part as he is a major league ready infielder who is cheap and young.