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The Mitchell Report comes out tomorrow. Buster Olney has some problems with it:

Former Senator Mitchell has worked for the Red Sox, and has been paid by them. He has worked alongside the commissioner before. He and his investigators will, in the end, be paid tens of millions of dollars by Major League Baseball for generating this report. No matter what the actual truth is about the commissioner’s role in the steroid era, if he’s essentially cleared of wrong-doing, the public perception of the report is that it’s a bag job — an inside job, with the outcome preordained. And you can bet that this will become a primary focus of columnists and talk radio hosts — and maybe even congressmen — everywhere.

Olney is right on here. If Mitchell doesn’t place blame on the commissioner or name a single Red Sox player this report will immediately be denied credibility.

All this report stands to do anyways is give some more non-conclusive names for the media the scrutinize. If someone is named in the report do we know for sure they were (or are) a steroid user? Not really. And will the list of names be comprehensive? Decidedly not. So then really, what’s the point? Tens of millions of dollars for some rumors? What an investment.